6/2007   A Documented Build of my "TriTrixHD" Loudspeakers

1: TriTrix HD
(the finished product)

Page 1 - Introduction & the Design
Page 2 - Enclosure Construction
Page 3 - Enclosure Finishing, Bases, Crossovers, Side Panels &
             Component Installation


Last fall while searching for an audio cable I visited the Parts Express web site and discovered the PE Project Showcase. Many years prior I had built a couple subwoofer enclosures and the prospect of building a pair of full range speakers, as displayed in the showcase, was quite appealing.

Eventually I learned of a Curt Campbell's Speaker Building Pages and his TriTrix design. This design is well reviewed, appealing to my eye, has a hardware cost of less than $150, presents an 8 ohm load, and is very well documented. After exchanging a few emails with Curt I proceeded with the vented TriTrix design but in a floor standing version. Many thanks to Curt for his assistance at this stage of my project!

the Design

With the information from Curt on how to transform the TriTrix into a tower speaker I focused my effort on creating an "interesting" enclosure. After kicking around several ideas I settled on the concept shown in Images 2 & 3. The two distinctive features I decided upon are the wood panels inset into the sides and the curved top. The later of which I described as a "half dome" to my wife and therefore I began referring to the design as the TriTrix Half Dome or TriTrixHD.

On his web site Curt lists a minimum and maximum volume for the vented design. To maximize low frequency response I choose the height for the maximum volume. After roughing together a set of drawings it was off to the wood shop to start the project.
model 1
2: concept model
model 2
3: x-ray concept model
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